Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why Do People Do This?

The journey of a rawist (especially in my profession) is always an adventure.  People waiver between fascination, repulsion, and borderline obsession with what, why, how, when, and where I eat.  I'm asked a tons of questions about it but people often argue with my answers with their personal objections of why they can't do it.  When I first began this journey and started to have quite amazing results in regards to my blood chemistry. I even had someone from work ask if I was overly religious.  As if my cholesterol and hormone profile had changed because I was having some sort of religious experience!!!  What am I - some sort of reverse stigmata????

This always amazes me because I don't care or judge if someone chooses to eat whatever they want.  I did not become a raw vegan because of social or political reasons so I don't have an urge to "convert" others.  I do it because I believe the science and research that I've read and have witness first hand the incredible results in myself, my family, and friends.  My "social softening" and increase connection to the planet has been a surprising after effect of my change.

At a function just last night I was met with the same things I hear all the time:

"My grandfather lived to be 95 and he ate meat, potatoes, smoked and drank alcohol everyday"
Just because granddaddy lived to be 95 doesn't mean you will be saved of any disease. Grandaddy probably had a small benefit of being raised on a farm eating significantly more vegetables as a child and young man.  Our portions of meat and dairy have progressively grown larger over the years.  Grandaddy probably had several periods in his young life where meat was a luxury not  the main course.  Some researchers say our early years are vital to establishing healthy cells and immunity.

"Well, disease is in my genes so there will be nothing I can do about it"
WHAT????  In the China Study and others gene predisposition makes up a very, very, very small part of whether we get disease or not.  This says more about someone character if they are willing to throw in the towel in the face of potential disease.  This also goes for the reserve of "My genes are great so I can do what ever I want".

"I may be a little overweight but my doctor says my cholesterol is good"
Americans have this backwards approach to health that goes like this - do everything you can to destroy your body until your sick then freak out.  Many don't care if they get sick because they see medicine as a way out. Waiting until you get sick to start a healthy life makes no sense.  Medication does not cure disease it simply puts a mask on the symptoms.

"I think everything in moderation is really the way to go"
Moderation will kill you.  If the mainstream was better educated on health and wellness they would see the mediocre never do well.  I heard Dr. Dean Ornish speak a few weeks ago and he pinpointed the "moderation approch" as being extremely detrimental.  Mainstream doctors regularly give "moderate" diet recommendations.  To a diabetic a doctor will say "Try to cut down on your sugars".  A diabetic needs to make a drastic change to receive drastic results.

"Why should I eat that way? I'm not sick."
Again, why do people wait until a crisis to do anything?

"You sound like a liberal"
Really????  The republicans constantly harp on taking responsibility for yourself, don't give handouts, etc.  I would argue that I am taking the most republican stance possible.  I am taking complete responsibility for maintaining optimal health without draining our health care system. I feed my body in the intended manner and don't rely on medications, doctors, or unneeded surgeries to "bail me out" when I've eaten myself into diabetes, cancer, or CVD.

The common demonimator is that these are really just excuses not to take responsibility for their health and the planet.  They want to "justify" why it is OK to eat a crappy diet.  I think it's also a little bit of "misery loves company" as well.  Secretly, I think many people don't want others to get well or take responsibility for their health because it highlights the damage they are doing to themselves.  It makes them face the fact that change is neccessary.  It's also extremely important to "pharmaceutical types" because we want to believe that medication is the ONLY answer.  How can it be food?  That would be way to easy.............