Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Universe is Speaking!

Yesterday someone told me about something they wanted.  It was a just a casual mentioning of the item like we all do in conversation.  Some people probably wouldn't think of this item as an "urgent need" but to this person it would be a blessing to have.

After the mentioning of the item I didn't give it another thought and I went on with my night.  Before bed I was thinking about the quote, "When you take more than you need, you are taking from someone else" and at about 3am I woke up realizing that I had the wished for item and was not using it.  Ironically, this item is in perfect condition and had been tossed aside simply because I wanted a new one.  I obviously was guilty of taking more than I needed. I cannot wait to "return" the item to the person "I took it from".  I love it when the universe screams at me!