Monday, September 13, 2010

Raw on the Road

Since I travel on business quite a bit it is often difficult to maintain my resolve to live as raw as possible.  Between airports, client lunches/dinners, hours in the car and often traveling to smaller towns who don't have natural foods stores or a good organic offering, I certainly have my resourcefulness challenged.

But today that is not the case!  I woke up to a beauiful oceanview sunrise from my hotel room in Jacksonville Beach, FL.  Jacksonville has an incredible raw community.  Within a 50 miles radius of the city there are a ton of natural foods stores, juice bars, and just down the road in St. Augustine's there is even a raw food restaurant (Present Moment Cafe).  The JAX Raw Meetup community is very active and often has leaders from the internationally recognized leaders in the raw community speaking at various venues and locations.  It truly is a paRAWdise.

My absolute favorite place to eat in JAX is at either of the two Native Sun store.  The have a crazy good juice bar, raw entree/dessert offerings from both Present Moment Cafe and Shatki Life Kitchen, gorgeous produce, and a great staff to boot.  So my lunch today consisted of their Green II Juice (kale, cucumber, celery, spinanch, and green apple) and a delicious Pad Thai from Shakti (cabbage, carrot, kelp noodles covered with a sauce of almond butter, garlic, ginger, chili powder, lemon, maple syrup, tarmari, salt, pepper, and olive oil. 

Fast Food and Life should always be this easy!