Sunday, September 5, 2010

Paying for Playing

It's days like this that I can really appreciate the wonders of the raw diet.  With it being a holiday weekend and attending a BBQ last night I indulged in quite a few cooked delicacies - including KEY LIME PIE WITH READY WHIP!!!!  What the heck was I thinking??.  This morning I woke up feeling stuffed, bloated, groggy, hungover from food, and, in general, pretty crappy.  I took off for my Sunday Ashtanga class and had difficulty maintaining my balance and getting in to some of the binds - further punishment for my indiscretions.

At these times I often reflect that this ONLY occurs if I go from eating raw to eating junk.  It NEVER occurs in the opposite direction.  Raw food after eating junk never leaves me feeling like this. 

So, today it's all about juicing, juicing and more juicing.  After yoga, I started to "clean my temple up" with a juice blend of carrot, celery, cucumber, red and yellow peppers, and spinach.  Lunch will be more veg followed by more veg at dinner.  I hope the Raw Gods will take mercy on me!!!