Saturday, September 18, 2010

How Are You Spending the International Day of Peace?

Hurray!  The weekend is finally here (and it couldn't come soon enough!).  What a beautiful morning we have here in North Carolina.  This is my favorite time of year when it is still really warm in the day but the mornings are perfect for sitting out on the porch. I love it so much that I almost forget I'm really a Californian!  I will say that a bright morning like this was often rare on the beaches of SoCal - normally it takes a few hours for the marine layer to burn off.
To start the day, I enjoyed a little morning Vitamin D session on the screened porch with one of my favorite green juice (celery, cucumber, green apple, and spinach) and my lazy cat, Audrey. :-).  With the UN International Day of Peace happening this weekend there are a ton of celebrations going on.  I will be attending one in Cary, NC but if I had my druthers I would be at the California Roots & Shoots Peace Festival in Santa Monica. Enjoy your Peace Day!