Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Juicing for the Homeless

How cool is it that on September 5th three hundred homeless men, women and children in downtown Los Angeles got to take in a glass of wonderful, fresh organic vegetable juice? The man who made the morning a little brighter for these folks is Q-Mars Imandel who started the very first 100% completely transparent non-profit dedicated to putting together projects that directly benefit and enhance communities and the environment.  The organization is called The G.I.V.E Project and this was their very first event. On the GIVE website Q keeps a running tally of contributions and expenses so you can see right where your donations are going.  You can even suggest a project for them to consider!!

In the City of Angels, almost a quarter million people experience homelessness during some part of the year and 82,000 people are homeless on any given night.  Undoubtedly quality nutrition, much less freshly squeezed juice, is difficult to come by.  If you want to see how everyone liked the juice go to:

This makes me so proud to be a Californian!!