Friday, August 13, 2010

Timing is Everything!

One of the hardest things about living a raw food lifestyle is getting in a timing rhythm for preparing food.  One method I use for my daily diet is to have two prep days during the week - normally Sunday and Wednesday.  On these days I chop and prep all vegetables I will be using for the next several days.  I also whip up several "staple" items such as hummus, pesto, macadamia nut cheese, nut milks, etc.  This makes my food during the week easier to grab and go.

This all changes when planning a dinner party.  Tonight I  had to get started prepping for a dinner I'm planning for Sunday.  I have three trays of corn tortilla chips on the dehydrator that should be ready tomorrow.  The dehydrator will quickly be swapped out with some nut butter cookies that should be ready for Sunday. Tomorrow I will also start chopping and marinating vegetable for Thai Spring Rolls and get my spicy almond sauce prepared.  I sometimes feel like it take three days to prepare for one meal!!!

I'm considering investing in one more dehydrator so that I can have "both ovens" at once.  Pics and recipes of my creations are forthcoming.  Only 12 more hours of dehydration until my chips are done!!