Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beauty in the Raw

I use to be an absolute product junkie in my "BR" (before raw) life. I loved any potion, cream, serum, tonic, toner, or lotion that I could find. Eating raw has an incredible influence on your entire life. It starts out as just a dietary change but it really make you start to think about everything we subject our bodies too. From cleaning products to beauty products I strive to ensure that I am only using raw natural products.

Two of my favorite are raw, organic, cold pressed coconut oil and Restorative Skin Oil. In the evenings (and sometimes the morning too). I put a thin layer of coconut oil on my face, neck, ends of my hair and anywhere else that can use a little moisture or softness. It is truly incredible and leaves my face feeling clean and dewy.
I recently purchased Restorative Skin Oil from Mountain Rose Herbs and it works lovely as well. It's super moisturizing with out being greasy. I love it!!  If you haven't check out Mountain Rose Herbs definitely do so.  They have great products and great prices to match!