Saturday, December 11, 2010

Surrounded by Goodness

I don't know if it is the raw food vibes or the circles in which I find myself but I am always amazed at the cool people I cross paths with on a daily basis.  Whether I'm at a grocery store, in a restaurant, or just going into a random shop I somehow end up meeting people who enrich my life even if our encounter is only for a few minutes.  Today it seemed that these do-gooders were lurking around every corner.  Courtney, my 13-year old environmental activist, and I were participating in Paddle for Support at Wrightsville Beach.  Well, let me clarify that.  Courtney was paddling out in the 49 degree water to sit in the surfers circle and I was displaying an act of solidary from the beach. 

Obviously goodness was everywhere at the beach but before we even got there I found myself riding a wave of gratitude. Since my racks weren't on my car I decided to just borrow a board from a friend in Wrightsville instead of bringing ours.  When our friend got delay I switched my plan to "rent a board". Conveniently, Courtney and I took a random turn into Sweetwater Surf Shop.   Sweetwater Surf Shop is an awesome locally owned establishment in Wrightsville.  Granted, most surf shop owners and employees are laid back and friendly but Sweetwater was exceptionally right on! First of all, the selection of clothes, boards, and assessories was excellent (great prices and sales to boot!). a word........TONY!  Shop Manager, Tony Butler, was the best!  Knowing that we were participating in a local environmental event, he totally hooked my girl Courtney up!  Tony and Sweetwater's act of kindness speaks volumes about their dedication and support to the community and our oceans.  If you are in Wrightsville Beach definately check this shop out. 

Meanwhile, back on the beach.........participating in Paddle for Support was great.  Working in conjunction with Indo Jax Surf School and Ocean's Cure, the event was being filmed as part of a documentary inspired by a local woman, Danielle, who has spent the last 30 days saving our Mother Ocean by picking up cigarette butts and other trash on the shores of Wrightsville Beach.  Her project was selected as a winner in the Brit Filter GoodFilm contest.  To date, Danielle and her family have saved our ocean from swallowing over 11,000 cigarette butts proving that everyone can make a difference.  To follow Danielle story check out her blog at

Could the night get any better?  YES! To top the night off, I stopped at Starbucks to get Courtney a Hot Chocolate (no this was not raw!) and the dude at the Wrightsville Beach Starbucks hooked us up with free scones.   It doesn't get much better than this.......................Love and Gratitude to Wrightsville Beach!