Thursday, December 9, 2010

Raw Inspiration

As most of you know, The Present Moment Cafe is one of my very favorite raw restaurants in the US.  Not only is the food EXCELLENT but the total vibe in the quaint little cafe is just down right cool!

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of dining with three gorgeous ladies all fighting individual battles with cancer.  Armed with RAW, LIVING FOODs, these women are facing the disease with smiles, energy, hopefulness, and determination.  It's always so inspiring to me when I meet people who are jumping in the drivers seat and taking charge of their wellness. It strengthens my resolve and belief that the answer to America's health crisis is firmly rooted in our food choices.

Speaking of food choices........I enjoyed the Taco's of Life (one of my favs at Present Moment)  made with Pine nut-chili and walnut puree, fresh salsa, guacamole in 2 romaine shells topped with Coconut “Sour Cream” and Jalapeno vinaigrette. 

My new friends and I topped off our meals by sharing the Brownie Sundae which is good medicine for anyone!!!  This delectable dessert is made from a Cacao brownie with cashew vanilla ice cream topped with dark cherries and garnished
with vanilla cream. YUM...........................