Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunshine, Beaches and Raw Food - the ultimate Trifecta!

I love my job when it takes me to places where there is sunshine, beaches and excellent raw food!  I was back in Jacksonville, FL today and had to pop into my fav raw restaurant Present Moment Cafe for a little breakfast this morning. 

The drive along the AIA was absolutely gorgeous.  The temps were just right and at the risk of destroying my 'do for the day, I rolled to Present Moment with the windows down and radio blaring.  This California girl is definitely beginning to appreciate the beauty of morning coming over the Atlantic.

I got to Present Moment and decided to continue soaking up some Vit D by sitting at the little table outside the cafe.  I always have a hard time deciding what to order.  This morning I opted for French Meadow Hemp Toast w/ “The Works” – cashew hummus, avocado, tomato, cucumber, onion & sprouts.  Yvette and her team really out-do themselves every time I'm in there.  The food just keeps getting better and better!

I added a fresh cold brewed mango tea and water with cucumber and lemon.  I was in HEAVEN!

I'm surprised I was able to make it back to work!!